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Please go to our secure order-form by selecting this link:
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Other Payment Methods:
1.) Paying by phone
2.) Paying by check or money order
To pay via telephone, call the secure ordering center, toll-free, 1-800-589-1022 (U.S. and Canada) or call +1 757-855-1272, if outside North America.

To pay by check or money order (or to mail your credit card number/expiration date), include your name and address, email address (if available), product name(s), and specify WIN or MAC.  To compute your total, add up the price(s) for the given software items (the amount is shown in the price-list directly above), and remember to add $8 for shipping CDs (no charge for downloads).  Also, if you are ordering more than one product, be sure to DEDUCT $5 for every additional product.  Make payable to "Writing SuperCenter" and mail to:
Technical Writing Software Suite
Writers SuperCenter
560 Roland Drive
Norfolk, VA 23509