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To write good essays you need a thorough knowledge of the subject and you must marshal, argue and clearly present your information to answer the question set.  This guide provides you with all the skills you need to write exceptional essays, including for instance all the following skills:
  • How to gain enough knowledge of your Essay Subject.
  • How to structure your Essay to Help your Reader.
  • How to answer the Essay Question.
  • How to show your Analytical Skills.
  • How to write in a Clear Style.
  • How to use active verbs.
  • How to keep your sentence length under control.
  • How to use simple words.
  • How to avoid jjargon.
  • How to avoid abstract terms.
  • How to keep abbreviations under control.
  • How to avoid padding.
  • How to use topic sentences.
  • How to link your ideas and paragraphs.
  • How to use examples to explain difficult points.
  • How to use quotations in your writing.
  • How to edit your Essay Draft.
  • How to utilize the Internet as an essay resource.
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