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A business plan is an essential document.  It should outline exactly what your business is, how and where you will run it, how you are going to finance it, how much it has or will earn or lose.  It shows the risks and strengths of your business, describes the market, outlines your long-term goals, and sets out the milestones you must reach.  In short, it is an accurate and realistic description, usually designed for investors or as a checklist and set of benchmarks to measure and develop your business performance.

Writing a business plan or marketing strategy is difficult for most people.  Use this guide to produce a business plan thatís an interesting and thought-provoking document.  Along with sample business plans and MIT business resource, this masterful guide covers, in extraordinary detail, all the skills you'll need to write a business plan, including for instance all the following:
  • How to write the business plan cover.
  • How to compile your business plan executive summary.
  • How to express your key business idea.
  • How to describe your business.
  • How to analyze your target market and competitors.
  • How to make financial forecasts.
  • How to request funding.
  • How to describe your management team.
  • How to select and present attachments related to your business plan.
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