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Technical Writer
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Technical Manual/Reports Writing Guide
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This essential guide to writing technical reports contains easy-to-follow guidelines that should be used whenever you have to write technical information. There's no reason why technical writing shouldn't be lively and interesting. The real challenge is to express complex ideas simply. Too often technical writing has a flat style making documents difficult and tedious to read.

This masterful guide covers, in extraordinary detail, all the skills required to write technical reports, including for instance all the following:
  • How to understand the type of technical report your are writing.
  • How to write down your specific aim.
  • How to plan the sections and subsections you need.
  • How to avoid starting with Background, Introduction and Methodology.
  • How to write your headings using strong verbs and specific nouns.
  • How to match content to your readers' knowledge and needs.
  • How to keep information specific rather than general.
  • How to write in plain English.
  • How to use active verbs rather than passive verbs.
  • How to keep your average sentence between 10 to 20 words.
  • How to edit wordy phrases.
  • How to use simple words rather than complex ones.
  • How to avoid jargon.
  • How to keep technical terms to a minimum.
  • How to use examples and illustrations.
  • How to use diagrams, flowcharts and graphs.
  • How to use good layout to draw attention to key information.
  • How to test your document with the intended readers.
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